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11 Anytime Gifts For Your Girl…by a Girl

Gift giving can be a weird concept, especially within romantic relationships. It’s expected at certain points which can make it seem unnecessarily loaded, and often people have absolutely no idea what to give someone even if they feel inspired to. Here are ten gift ideas between $30 and $300 that work for any sort of occasion, and will seem totally thoughtful even though you didn’t think of them first.

1. Concert Tickets

Buying concert tickets as a gift works its magic in a couple different ways. For one thing, if you know who I’d like to see in concert and actually make the effort to make that happen without needing to double check details…that means you’re paying attention and confident about it.  The assumption is that if you give a girl tickets she’s going to take you along right, so you’re also scheduling a date in the process, which we love. Not to mention that concerts are sometimes a ways out from the time that tickets go on sale, which means you don’t have any immediate plans to go anywhere. Of course ticket prices vary dramatically based on performers and seats, but seriously it’s the thought that counts here. If you use the Live Nation app it will alert you when selected artist’s tickets are about to go on sale.

2. Some Workout Clothes

If your girl works out, she will always be in need of new workout clothes. Those sweaty sports bras and other sweat wicking garments obviously have to washed after each wear unlike everyday items like jeans, which means that we run out of clean ones quickly and also that they get some heavy wear and tear. Only problem is, quality workout clothes can be alarmingly expensive. Sometimes it’s hard to justify buying new yoga pants when they cost over $100. But that’s where you come in! As a gift that’s still a reasonable price, and she’ll truly appreciate the gesture. Some generally trusted brands include Lululemon, Athleta, and Lucy.

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3. A Food or Drink Subscription

If you know what she loves to eat or drink, get her a subscription to one of those delightful services that will deliver some monthly to her doorstep.  They charge monthly, but even so they come in at under $300 for a year of treats that never stop. If she’s into wine, the Wine of the Month Club has membership plans start at $21.95 a month for example. Another called Tasting Room first send out six mini bottles for $9.95 that she gets to taste, and then from there they will create a personalized wine profile based on her interests and send out 12 full sized wine bottles for $84.49. Every time she gets a delivery or takes a sip she’s going to think about the sweet gesture.   

4. A Canvas Print of an Awesome Photo

If your girl is like most other women out there, she’s probably posting something to her Instagram right this very minute! She probably has a snap or two (or 458) that she’s quite fond of, so why not make it into something more permanent? There are a million places that will print out photos for you onto canvases and make them look like works of art, and it’s not too expensive.  Snapfish will print out canvas color wraps from $39.99, and they even have panoramic options from $79.99.

5. Or, a Book of Awesome Photos

I recently got an advertisement within my Instagram account for one of these hardcover books of printed Instagram pics, and I want one so much. Blurb is one company that will make books with photos from either Instagram or Facebook, which can increase your options if you’re trying to theme it from a certain event or something.

6. A Staycation

You’re familiar with the staycation right? Booking a hotel room right in your own delightful city and pretending like you’re posh for the night or something? While booking a weekend trip for two can get pretty costly pretty quickly, doing a staycation night is pretty much just the cost of the hotel room, parking, and dinner. (Okay maybe room service for breakfast as well.) If you’re down for the sporadic planning, you can ask her to keep the night free and then use one of those apps that list last minute hotel deals. Some of these are city or even hotel specific, but Hotel Tonight, Stayful, and Cooked Compass are some interesting places to look.

7. Diptyque Candles

Candles aren’t always nice enough as a stand alone gift, but the Diptyque ones are because for somehow they make them very, very nice. And as far as candles go they’re also very expensive. The regular ones come in $32 or $62 sizes and they smell oh so nice.

8. Something that She Lost

If you know that your girl lost something that she actually liked…buy a new one for her…sunglasses for instance. Sure she’s been surviving without them, but replacing something is a really cute and thoughtful gift idea. This can be as simple as a book that she loaned and never saw returned or that coat that she left in an Uber last New Year’s Eve. Which brings us too…

9. A Pair of Shoes She’s Been Lusting Over

When girls are really serious about closet staple items like a nice pair of shoes or a jacket or something, they might spend some time thinking the purchase over. While they obsess from the side of course. Ask your girlfriend’s best friend what her dream closet addition is for the season, and guaranteed she will know.

10. A Spa Day

We’re not always likely to be pampering ourselves regularly with fancy massages or other spa treatments, but we love them. That’s the sort of gift that always goes appreciated because we want it but can’t always justify that we need it. But if someone else buys a massage for us we won’t think twice before running to the spa and maybe spending an entire day there.

11. A Nice, Cozy Throw Blanket

If your girl doesn’t have a cozy throw blanket in her life she would definitely appreciate one. We love cuddling and being cozy and all that stuff. Something soft but chic enough to be on display is ideal. Check out options like the Kilim throw for $7, the Cozy Cable Knit Throw from Pottery Barn for $49.99-$129, and the many faux fur options from West Elm for $89.

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