Picking the best shaving cream for sensitive skin rewards your face with a cleaner, smoother and painless shave. Adding lubrication between your face and the razor blades, you rid your shave experience of any cuts, nicks or burns caused by the safety or electric razor.

However, not all men seem resistant to these ill-effects of shaving, even with a top brand shaving cream. While most men can say, undoubtedly, they benefit from their shaving cream, men plagued with sensitive skin may have a much different experience.

Sensitivity to certain products or irritation due to a blade are two major factors with the accumulation of razor bumps. As a man, the unkempt look may not necessarily appeal to you and now it’s time to take your shaving regimen seriously. Aiming for products with organic or natural products will significantly reduce all complications associated with shaving.

best shaving cream for sensitive skin

Who Should Use a Natural Shaving Creams for Sensitive Skin?

Narrowing down the type of shaving cream you need is important. For beginner shavers, this will be the time to learn your skin and what does and doesn’t work. For men more adept, you’ll find a recommendation or two that you haven’t seen before to help you out.

Regardless, one thing is clear – if you suffer from any of these problems, you could benefit from a natural, best shaving cream for sensitive skin.

  • Dry-Skin Sufferers – Dry, red, flaky and itchy skin are signs that you suffer from dry skin. If you notice these worsen after applying a facial product, switching to a natural product could show immediate results.
  • Acne-Issues – Severe acne, with or without products on your face, requires you to switch to a natural or organic product. These are known for clogging your pores significantly less and help you maintain your skin balance.
  • Skin Conditions – Whether you suffer from psoriasis, eczema or other skin conditions, you’ll benefit the most from switching to natural or organic shaving products. While you can’t cure most skin conditions, the most important part is maintenance with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Constant ingrown hairs, razor burn and shaving bumps – While this could be caused by other factors (razor quality, shaving technique, etc.), shaving creams could potentially be the cause as well. If you’ve upgraded your razor recently and honed your shaving techniques and still experience these problems, a natural shaving cream could resolve your issues.
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What You Need To Look for in the Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

It can be a painful experience dealing with constant issues with your face. It’s important to understand what to avoid so you can pick the best shaving cream for skin problems.

While the final selection depends on the individual’s preference, there are a few key products that all men with sensitive skin should avoid and embrace.

  • Avoid anything with harsh chemicals in them. Propellants and other ingredients (especially in canned shaving cream) irritate skin cells.
  • Don’t purchase aerosol canned shaving creams. Like stated above, all of them contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that could cause skin issues to worsen over time. A bottled or tubbed shaving cream work better and contain significantly fewer products to produce.
  • No synthetic fragrances. That doesn’t mean you have to have unscented shaving creams. Many different shaving creams come scented with natural products (lavender, mint and other earth-made products). Most men who suffer from sensitive skin find it comes from synthetic fragrances more than any other source.
  • Lubricants such as shea butter and natural oils. These will provide you with an even more enhanced barrier between your safety razor and your face. The better and strong the barrier, the less likely you’ll have cuts, burns or shaving bumps.
  • Check for Aloe Vera or a similar ingredient. It’s known for soothing and protecting the face from any harmful debris. Not only with this provide you with benefits for your shave, but it will also continue throughout the day. Acne sufferers can see a significant reduction in acne with Aloe Vera.

Best Natural Shaving Creams for Sensitive Skin

1. Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream

Pacific Company Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Pacific Shaving Company always delivers great products for their customers. In recent years, they’ve exploded into a staple brand for every man’s shaving kit. Their natural shaving cream provides comfort and relief for men with a mix of natural and certified organic ingredients.

On initial view, you might think the 3.4-ounce bottle won’t last you for long. However, the motto on the tube, “A Little Goes a Long Way” holds more truth to it than you’d think. Shaving creams are built to last longer, especially when you have a shaving brush to use with it. Most times, with this brand, you’ll need one or two pea-sized drops and it should last your entire shave.

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The Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream offers you a TSA-friendly, natural product that contains both Aloe and Shea Butter for an optimal shaving experience.

Check out this video review on this shave cream.

2. KOHANA – Unscented Shaving Cream

Kohana Unscented Shaving Cream for Skin Problems

A relatively new brand to the market, KOHANA, doesn’t fail to deliver an awesome product. KOHANA changes how most men shave and will view shaving from here on out. Even men who don’t suffer from sensitive skin issues prefer this over many other shaving creams out there.

Requiring only a dime-sized amount, you’ll reinvigorate your skin with natural and organic products that help restore elasticity with anti-oxidants. Containing products like white tea, chamomile, sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E extract, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, you’ll feel each product working hard to clean, nourish and hydrate your skin.

If you prefer unscented products or just want to add one to your shaving kit, KOHANA should be one of your first picks. Switch it up if you prefer a scented natural lotion to permeate you instead. This is where men love the convenience of this shaving cream.

3. Taconic Shave BAY RUM Shaving Cream

Taconic Shaving Cream works Great for Sensitive Skin

Taconic Shave released this product many years back but had a slow start to their now ever-growing hype. If you’re a huge fan of coconut oil, like me, you’ll find that this product will work wonders for your face. The BAY RUM shaving cream comes enriched with mainly organic oils including Bay Rum Oil and Coconut Oil.

The honey in the shaving cream gives you a lather with an even thicker consistency that other shaving creams won’t be able to offer. It’s concentrated as well, so you’ll have to use even less than traditional shaving creams as well. If you shave every day, you’ll find this to be a lifesaver with significantly reducing your need to reorder more shave cream.

Adding hydration, shine and richness to your face, BAY RUM shaving cream promises men with sensitive skin with a reliable shaving cream. Great with your fingers, better with a shaving brush, get the experience you deserve with your shaving cream. Having the perfect shave can help you score the first date and get a second date because of your kempt ways.

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Here’s a great tutorial on this.

4. Taylor of Old Bond Street Organic Shaving Cream

Best shaving cream for men featuring Taylor of Old Bond

A top choice from a manufacturer in the UK, Taylor of Old Bond Street comes in a larger container (5.3-ounces), which comes as a surprise since the price doesn’t vary any differently from products with an ounce less. While the price might be cheap, the product quality isn’t.

The product proudly claims to have 95% natural raw ingredients, which means sensitive skin no longer stands a chance of ruining your perfect shave. Most importantly, the product does offer significant relief with skin conditions with the essential oils in it. You’ll feel the healing, soothing and rejuvenating effects of the Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Vitamin E as you lather your unkempt beard.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Organic shaving cream is both fragrance and preservative free to provide even the most sensitive skin with a protective barrier to help prevent nicks, burns and cuts.

Here’s a good review on this cream.

5. RSVP Skin Care Soothe & Smooth Shaving Cream


A personal favorite, RSVP Skin Care Soothe & Smooth shaving cream is an all-in-one for a person. Most notably, it helps fight against most problems that men face with their shave.

One of the best things about this is that it contains absolutely no fragrances, gluten, dyes and parabens. So, for men who aren’t quite sure why they suffer from sensitive skin or certain skin conditions benefit most from this product.

Adding, even more, appeal, the shaving cream has certified organic ingredients for a healthier product. They never test on animals, so it’s even perfect for vegans with sensitive skin. Not too many products can boast this like RSVP, making them a go-to for thousands of men.

The ingredients combine together in this shaving cream to create a smooth, silky lather that attaches to the hair follicle root. During your shaving routine, you’ll get a perfect, close shave without the worries of getting painful ingrown hairs, shaving bumps, razor burns or general skin irritation.

Every Man Requires a Different Shaving Cream

If you suffer from dry skin, you’ll experience very different results in products than a person who suffers from acne. Shaving creams are unique to a specific person, so you’ll go through a few test trials before coming across the one you’ll rely on indefinitely.

Take these recommendations into consideration when you’re looking for the best shaving cream for sensitive skin to help you in your journey for the ultimate manscaping guide.

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