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7 Must-Have Items to Always Keep In Your Gym Bag

What Should You Keep In Your Gym Bag At All Times?

Sometimes getting to the gym means fitting it in in between other activities, like on your lunch break, or after work before you head to happy hour. To make that transition a seamless one there are some must have products to keep in your gym bag.

1. Deodorant

You might already deodorant in your gym back, but if not it’s a must have for reapplying following a workout and shower. Realizing that you forgot to put on deodorant might not be the end of the world but it certainly can be a bit anxiety inducing which then can make you sweat even more. Not worth the risk.

Apparently it’s possible for your body to get used to the ingredients in deodorant just like you can develop immunities to antibiotics, which means that if you haven’t switched yours up in a while doing so might give you a boost in staying power.

Burt’s Bees makes an awesome option, and yes it works despite being all natural. This option used cornstarch to absorb the sweat before it even could start creating a smell, and then has citrus oil and Cyprus to cover up anything that’s left.

2. Face Wash

When you break a sweat during a workout you are more likely to clog your pores than ever, so it’s a good idea to use a separate wash for your face when you’re in the shower.  

Kiehl’s makes one that not only gives you a fresh clean but it also makes you feel totally refreshed and awake, thanks to the caffeine, vitamins, and citrus added to it. You won’t risk feeling sleepy post workout with that sort of face wash game.

3. Moisturizer

It’s important to follow up a good face washing with a good moisturizer. If you do not replenish lost moisture on your face it actually causes your skin to create more oil, which then will be more likely to clog the pores. Anyone who is acne prone should go with one that is oil free, or even one that has acne and wrinkle fighting ingredients already in it.  

Tom Ford’s oil-free daily moisturizer will not only be a smooth application without clogging the pores, but it will help keep any additional oil at bay when you head back to work or out on that date.

4. Spare Socks

Even if you brought an entirely new outfit to change into after your workout, it’s a good idea to have some spare socks stored in the gym bag since they’re pretty easy to forget. (And you definitely don’t want to be wearing those sweaty ones.) Dress socks and athletic socks are made totally differently, and having a pair of each in the gym bag at all times should keep you covered. But in a pinch these Adidas no-show socks can do double duty and work for either occasion.  

5. Body Wipes

If you can’t get to a shower after your workout, or you just don’t have the time for a full shower, you can still get fresh with the help of body wipes. A company called Paper Shower created a two-part wipe system that works great. You use the first soap filled wipe to wipe down any sweaty bits, and then follow it with the dry wipe to finish off. The soap is gentle enough that it won’t leave you feeling sticky or weird for not rinsing.  

6. Soothing Cream

If you experience any chafing down there during your workouts, using a product like FreshBalls can get you back on your game quickly. The last thing that you want to deal with when you’re running from a workout back into normal life is anything annoying you in the crotch area. This product is a cream that dries into a powder, which makes it effective and mess free.

7. Recovery Balm

If you hard at the gym you might also consider keeping a recovery balm in your bag so you don’t get thrown off by any achy muscles when you get back into the flow of your day. Jack Black’s pain relief cream is an effective one that uses botanical ingredients like menthol, dragon’s blood (which is a resin), MSM, and arnica, without being a greasy application. The anti-inflammatory properties can help to soothe achy muscles, joints, and calms the skin at the same time.  

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