a relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities

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Modern media has villainized and pacified traditional male behavior in favor of un-opinionated, confidence lacking, wet blanket, beta males. The select few “real men” who stand out in today’s society are the ones who stand for what they believe in and accept nothing less than the very high standards they’ve set for themselves and the people who they choose to surround themselves with.

Our life’s work at Unkempt is to turn every last directionless, confused guy into a sophisticated weapon; capable of pursuing, establishing, accomplishing, and conquering the world they want to live in.

Our mission is to do this without stepping on anyone whilst climbing to the top. We want to encourage and inspire the guys who don’t know any better, celebrate the women who inspire us to try harder, and influence influencers to use their power for good rather than evil.

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