Beards are growing in popularity with the comeback of more traditional, longer hairstyles. If your beard makes it past No Shave November, you are going to need to know how to groom it, and really, with the right products, it isn’t that hard.

1. Trimming

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This beard trimmer might be a little intense, but beards are supposed to be the epitome of manliness, right? First you are going to want to decide how long your beard should be and what shape you are most comfortable with. To determine a good beard length, remember the rule that your beard should not go above your jaw-line when you smile. Give your beard a few weeks to grow out before you decide on a style, so you can get the full effect and optimal bushiness. Keep your neck as trimmed and clean as you wish. Letting your personality show is what’s important.

2. Cleaning

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Using a beard soap is a great way to keep your beard looking healthy, shiny, and clean. Try to find a soap with a moisturizer for extra shine and strength.

3. Combing

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Combing your beard will keep it looking neat and tidy. In addition, it will keep stray hairs from sticking out or looking unkempt.  A beard comb will ensure your beard appears to have the proper length and fullness. A comb is great for a thinner, more fine beard.

4. Brushing

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Yes, combing and brushing are different. A beard brush is great for stimulating beard growth and giving the beard volume and texture. If you have a thicker, fuller beard, a brush might work better than a comb.

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5. Beard Conditioner

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Conditioning is a great way to keep the beard looking healthy. Sometimes beard hair can appear course and tangled, but with a good conditioner it will retain its moisture and shine.

6. Beard Oil

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Beard oil mimics the natural oils of the skin to help keep the skin under the beard moisturized and soft, thus keeping the beard healthy and shiny.

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