When the average guy thinks of trimming his nose hairs, he probably is doing so because they are unattractive and irritating to him. But, if we didn’t have them, we would actually ingest a lot of things that are harmful to our bodies. For example, there are many more toxins and viruses floating around in the air than you may think, and this is especially true in public places or within more populated settings. Even when you do find the best nose hair trimmer for you, you should not try to make the inside of your nose completely bald.

Whether you want a nose hair trimmer that is discreet, portable, waterproof, reasonably-priced, or all of the above, this guide will help you to choose one that caters to your personal grooming needs.

How to Properly Trim Your Nose Hair

Nose hair trimming is not the hardest grooming job to do, but there are few steps you should take each time you do it. Before we begin, make sure you have time set aside to trim your nose hairs. It likely won’t take you any more than ten minutes or so, and the best time to do it is when you are about to shave your face. If you have to rush you won’t do a good job, and just have to go back and do it again later to get that one long hair you missed that didn’t decide to pop out of your nose until you got to your date’s front door.

Now that you have the time, what’s the place? Well, normally the bathroom in front of the mirror is the best, because that is probably where you do your shaving anyway. Unless of course you are one of those guys whose five o’clock shadow shows up around noon, and you have to constantly shave at random times all day with a portable trimmer. Either way, you need to be sure that you aren’t just trimming your nose hairs blindly, hoping that you get them all.

There needs to be a light source that is bright enough for you to see up into your nostrils. If possible, try and make that light come up from underneath, such as a small lamp that you can sit somewhere near the sink, like on top of a closed toilet lid, or a small, short table or stand that you can sit it on. If this is not an option for you, you could trim your nose hairs in increments, then use a small flashlight to take a look up into your nose when you need to see how well a job you are doing. Some nose hair trimmers have lights on them for that purpose, as well as little portable mirrors for the times you trim away from the bathroom.

Next is the most important thing to remember, and that’s to sterilize your nose hair trimmer. You can do this easily by using rubbing alcohol or alcohol pads. The skin inside of your nose is sensitive, and so are the roots of the nose hairs you’ll be trimming. They can get infected, and there is nothing more aggravating than a bump inside your nose. That being said, always sanitize your blades before and after your nose hair trimming session. Once you have wiped them down or soaked them, make sure they are completely dry (if they are not wet-dry trimmers) and you can proceed.

Basically, there are a couple of different types of nose hair trimmers, manual and electric. The manual ones are the easiest to use. They are compact, round at the top, and all you have to do is gently insert it into either nostril and rotate, clockwise and counter-clockwise. While you are trimming, listen to the blades as they trim the hair. As it gets quieter and quieter, that’s how you know that the hair is being cut. The electric nose hair trimmers are easy to use as well, but you have to use a little more caution. With these, you don’t want to press the trimmers too hard against your skin. If you let the trimmer do the work, and simply trim the nose hairs without getting overly forceful with the blades, then you’ll be just fine.

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In some major cases of nose hairs that need trimming, the guy may have gone so long without doing it that you may mistake his nose hairs for a mustache! No, just kidding. Hopefully nobody’s nose hairs ever get that bad. Still, if you are one of those men with really long ones, you are going to probably have to use some scissors first. Be sure if you have to use scissors that they are the rounded kind that won’t puncture the soft skin inside of your nose. Alternatively, if you simply don’t want to use scissors, and your nose hairs are really protruding, cut the hair slowly with your nose hair trimmer. If you just ram it up there, the thick hair could get caught up in a twist in the nose hair trimmer. And, although it may cut the hair, it could be painful.

You’re almost done. Now, get some tissue, a rag, or a hanky and blow your nose. It’s a good idea to use cotton swabs to be sure that you get all the hair and not have one pop out without you knowing it sometime later in the day. If you don’t have any swabs, get a thin washrag, wet it, and clean the inside of you nose with it. All you need to do now is use the flashlight or the lower-light source to look inside your nose a few final times, then sterilize your equipment, and you’re good to go!

Why Do Nose Hairs Grow Back So Fast?

So, you’re in an office meeting feeling extra confident because, not only do you have a fresh and clean facial shave, but you also went the extra mile and did your nose hairs that morning. All of a sudden, you begin to feel a tickling sensation inside your nostril. You rub your nose inconspicuously, and quickly return your attention to the meeting. But, the itchy, irritating feeling keeps coming back, and at one point you think that you may have a booger in your nose. You know it has something to do with trimming your nose hairs that morning, you just can’t figure out what.

If you have ever had that feeling after trimming them, it’s normal. You are used to having a lot of nose hair, and your problem may be that you didn’t get all the hair out. When you blow your nose at the end of your trimming session, you need to also wipe out your nose with a soft wet cloth because, as you breathe, any loose hairs you didn’t get can actually fall backwards and into your throat. If you feel like a hair is in your throat it probably is, so excuse yourself from the meeting, shoot to the restroom, gargle with some water and spit it out.

Still, many guys wonder why nose hairs grow back so fast. For most fellas, they don’t begin to even have nose hair issues until they are about 30-years-old. They wake up one day and see a couple of them hanging out of their nostrils, and realize that they are now an official member of the old man’s club, and need to get into the habit if this new type of grooming.

Nose hairs do actually have a purpose, and are not just there to embarrass you in the middle of a date. They help keep bacteria out of your airway and lungs. When you trim them, you may not get all of them because there are two types of nose hairs, Type I and Type II. Type I is the easier kind to trim. These are the long, straight hairs that you noticed first, because they shot right out of your nose and into plain sight. You can make short work of these with a good nose hair trimmer.

Type II nose hairs are a little trickier. Remember the scenario from a few paragraphs back when the guy in the meeting had the tickling sensation in his nose? Well, sometimes men think that feeling is the nose hairs growing back, when in actuality the hair is just unraveling. You see, Type II hairs are the direct opposite of Type I, being that they are very curly and coiled. These hairs are the reason that you have to consistently look inside of your nose with good lighting as you trim your nose hairs, because just because you don’t hear the blades trimming hair anymore, it doesn’t mean that you got them all.

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5 Best Nose Hair Trimmers

Best Overall – The Panasonic All-in-One Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

When it comes to quality, portability, and getting that perfect trim each time, the best overall is the Panasonic All-in-One. This one is not just great for keeping nose hairs trimmed, but can also be used for ears, eyebrows, mustaches and beards.

Use Wet or Dry

This is one of the best features overall, being that you can use it in the shower if you chose. It’s always recommended that, when trimming your nose hairs, you have a mirror in front of you to see what you are doing. But you could get a head start on the job while you’re in there showering, and not damage the trimmer. This one is also great for when you need to do a little ear hair trimming, as well as if you needed to trim your eyebrows, beard, or line up your mustache a bit.

Built-In Vacuum

One of the problems with trimming nose hairs is the fact that you just might not get all the loose hair out of your nose after you are finished. Then, as the day goes on, you may have trimmed hairs falling out of your nose, but you probably won’t know until you look in the mirror. Or, the hair may get breathed in deeper, and enter your throat area. That’s why Panasonic installed a Vacuum Cleaning System on this model, so as the hair is trimmed it is sucked up. The dual edge blades on this nice trimmer allows both a top and a side trim.


  • Built-in Vacuum
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy Cleanup


  • Lightly constructed, so try not to drop it so much

Most Discreet – Urbaner Sleek Pen Design Nose Hair Trimmer

Is it a nose hair trimmer or a pen? Before opening the cap and exposing the blades on this Urbaner Sleek Pen Design Nose Hair Trimmer, you may not be able to tell the difference.

Slick, Discreet Design

This is probably the most inconspicuous nose hair trimmer out there. It’s made specifically for guys who are always on the move, and like to keep their nose and ear hairs down to a minimum all the time. If you tossed this trimmer in your glove compartment among a bunch of ink pens, you would have to fumble through them for a bit to find it. But, just because it is a slick-styled trimmer, that doesn’t mean that the motor in it isn’t powerful. It’s a Mabuchi one from Japan, and some people have even reported it to be too strong, so they don’t put the trimmer all the way up against their skin.

Durable and Waterproof

Yes, this one is completely waterproof, so you can get the entire trimmer wet, not just the blades. It’s a tough little gadget too, made of aluminum casing with stainless steel blades. The cover for the blades is also discreet, and even with the blades exposed you’ll still look like you are picking boogers with a pen while using it, because there is a black design right below the blades that looks like an ink pen top. The Urbaner Sleek Pen Nose Hair Trimmer also come with a cleaning brush and a microfiber cloth.


  • Very discreet
  • Powerful motor
  • Can use wet or dry


  • Strong motor may kill batteries fast

Best Portable – Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Hair Trimmer

Some nose hair trimmers are used to shave other places on your face, but this one is specifically for nose hairs. The Groom Mate Platinum XL is small, extremely portable, and is always reliable for those spontaneous touch-ups on the go.

A Gentle Trim

Some guys who have never purchased a nose hair trimmer may think that they have to be extra careful when using one, or they could end up cutting the skin inside of their nose. This is why the Groom Mate Platinum XL is constructed with newly-styled rotary blades. The blades are set where you can’t cut yourself, and the compact size of this nose hair trimmer makes it easy to hold while trimming, especially with the Sure-Grip barrel. It comes with a slick little leather carrying case, too.

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This attractive nose hair trimmer also comes in a lovely gift box. Get your dad one for Father’s Day, your uncle one for his birthday, or your grandad one for Christmas.

Lifetime Warranty

This nose hair trimmer is made of solid stainless steel which makes it really easy to clean, and it will not rust or begin to corrode over time. Its durability is often overlooked being that it is such a small tool, but you will not need to replace your nose hair trimmer again. This is not only because it is constructed to be tough, but because it comes with a 100% Lifetime Warranty. If anything at all happens to your Groom Mate Platinum XL, you can call and get a new one with no questions asked.


  • Unlimited warranty
  • Super portable
  • Comes in a very nice gift box


  • Is not multipurpose, and is only for nose hair trimming

Best For The Money – The Andis Fast Trim Nose Hair Trimmer

For under ten dollars, The Andis Fast Trim Ear & Nose Personal Trimmer has wonderfully quality. It only needs one AA battery, and is always ready for those in-the-moment trimmings.

The Low-Price

This quality nose hair trimmer doesn’t cost much, but will perform exceptionally well. The blades on it are lowered, so you can feel confident that you won’t cut yourself. They cut close while giving you the added comfort you desire. The trimmer has a protective cap on it as well, which makes it perfect for those guys who are always on the go. You can feel confident enough to toss it in your gym bag and keep going, as long as it’s snapped closed.

Easy Maintenance

This nose hair trimmer is easily cleaned, and all one has to do is rinse the blades off in tap water. But, although it is safe to clean the blades like this, the trimmer itself is not listed as being waterproof, so you shouldn’t soak the main body of it. The hair rinses away easily off the surgical stainless steel, and doesn’t begin to rust over time. One of the only inconveniences about this nose hair trimmer (which also does a great job on ears) is that you need to oil the blades before using it.


  • Low-priced trimmers
  • Easy portability
  • Trims hairs close each time


  • You have to oil the blades prior to each use

Best Waterproof – Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Hair Trimmer

The fast-paced lifestyle many of us live nowadays has us multitasking all the time, even when grooming. This Panasonic ER-GN30-K is completely waterproof, so you can do your nose and ear hairs in the shower and save a little time.

Vortex Clean Setting

This setting makes these clippers one of the easiest sets to clean on the market. When it gets a lot of hair on/in it, all you do is sit it in some water until it is immersed, then turn it on. The blades actually will suck in the water, cleaning away the hairs that have accumulated from the inside out. There will also be a few smaller hairs that may not get rinsed, but you can always get those off your blades with the small soft brush that comes with the trimmers.

A Very Comfortable Trimmer

With being able to use these on the go, in the shower, or in other places where there may not be a mirror, the manufacturers wanted to be sure that the blades were safe to get close to skin without puncturing. This Panasonic ER-GN30-K model is easy on the skin, and some guys not only use it for nose, ears, beards, mustaches or eyebrows, but also on other parts of the body, such as for keeping hair down on the stomach or chest.


  • Close, comfortable trim
  • Can use on multiple places on the body
  • Easy-to-use Vortex Cleaning System


  • Reasonably priced, but no warranty
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