The Five Sexiest Nationalities According to One Highly Attractive Woman

To be fair, if you ask any woman personally to list the top five sexiest nationalities you’re likely to get some different answers. After all we all have our different tastes, and these things also tend to be influenced by the celebrity culture a bit so general opinions tend to change over time anyway. But there have been a lot of surveys done out there (if not official research) to ask women about the sexiest nationalities out there and why.

One survey done in 2015 by a site called MissTravel listed the top five sexiest nationalities to American women as follows: Irish, Australian, Pakistani, American, and British. The top ten was then rounded out by: Scottish, Italian, Nigerian, Danish, and then Spanish. Personally I would do some swapping and raise the Spanish way up there, but that’s just me. Here’s what we can consider from those top five findings.


I’m willing to bet that Jamie Dornan had something to do with Irish topping the list in 2015. He of course, was the star of Fifty Shades of Grey, which means the guy was going to get sexualized regardless of how sexy he may or may not be otherwise. Other popular Irish guys are: Colin Farrell who’s like the epitome of a bad boy, Jonathan Rhys Myers…same thing, and Pierce Brosnan who’s literally been James Bond. Like those guys are getting into trouble and we like it, apparently.


It shouldn’t be hard to imagine why women like the Australian guys. Accents for one, and also the men who come out of Australia seem to be of the manly handsome variety for some reason. Those Australians must be building up their muscles fighting all the wild animals in the outback or something. The Hemsworth brothers are a really good example of sexy Australian guys. Those guys are universally handsome, but they also seem to be respectable, normal, relationship oriented, nice guys. That’s like a unicorn of a date. Other popular Australians are the Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Eric Bana, Simon Baker, Jai Courntey, the late Heath Ledger. Don’t know what’s happening out there but they seem to be making some good ones.


One example of a Pakistani male who some women might be interested in from the celebrity world is Zayn Malik, former member of the boy band One Direction. Zayn is pretty, dates super model Gigi Hahid who is even prettier, and sings sexy songs about sexy things. There’s a certain appeal there. Zayn is actually one part British Pakistani on his dad’s side and English and Irish on his mom’s side, and he grew up in England. So that’s a little more complex than straight Pakistani, but okay.


Well good news for the American men, you’ve ranked even sexier than the British! Of course American cover all kinds of different nationalities and types so this is a pretty broad category. Michael B. Jordan, Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine… all delightful versions of the sexy American, surely you men can agree. Nice bodies, cute faces, living the dream. If anyone knows Michael B. Jordan by the way, please feel free to send him my way.


Everyone loves a British accent right, and so charming those Brits are with their witty jokes! Delightful. Some hot Brits in Hollywood of course are: David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Daniel Craig, and even Daniel Radcliffe for the Harry Potter fix some of us need. David Beckham is so beyond self-explanatory but he’s a great example. That guy is alarmingly sexy and could be a total nightmare in the player sense except that he’s in love with his wife and kids, which just makes him even sexier. Guys we like bad boys, but even more so we like guys who seem like bad boys but are actually nice. Let’s work on that.

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