The man bun has been increasing in popularity, and surprisingly it doesn’t seem to just be for rock stars and surfer dudes anymore. Celebrities are sporting the man bun on the red carpet and professionals are even rocking this look in the office.

The man bun represents courage to break free from the mold and don a look that could be mocked as feminine, but with men increasingly interested in their appearance and trying new things in the name of style, we think the man bun is probably here to stay…at least for a while. There is not right way to wear this look; it all depends on your personal style and taste, and there are a variety of ways to give the man bun a shot.

1. Short Sides with High Bun

Short Sides with High Bun

This man bun style has short sides and a longer top layer. The top layer is pulled into a messier, finger styled high bun towards the crown of the head.

2. Even Layers

Even Layers

The cut here is even all over, and although the bun itself is tousled and tucked, the top is slicked back neatly with a  little volume on top.

3. Man Bun for Curly Hair

Man Bun for Curly Hair

Curly haired guys can pull off the man bun, too, as shown here. The hair is pulled back haphazardly using the hands, and the bun is tufted and tousled to enhance the curl.

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4. Tucked Under

Tucked Under

The easiest way to achieve the bun look without spending time perfecting the actual bun, is to just pull the hair back into a ponytail and tuck it under the last time you wrap the elastic around. It achieves the desired look and is quick and easy.

5. Half-Up


For those who like showing off their longer hair, but sometimes need it pulled back and away from the face, this look works great. The bottom is left down and wavy, while the top layer is pulled back into a bun.

6. Wrapped Around

Wrapped Around

The bun shown here is not just tucked into the elastic, but it is wrapped around like a traditional bun would be. This style keeps the bun tightly in place and makes for a smoother, cleaner looking ‘do.

7. Man Bun for Thick Hair

Man Bun for Thick Hair

This bun is pulled back neatly and tied at the crown of the head. The hair is thick, so the tucked look works perfectly and makes the bun look full.

8. Tightly Pulled Back

Tightly Pulled Back

For a sleeker, more professional look, you can pull your hair back into a tightly wound bun near the base of the neck.

9. Loosely Pulled Back

Loosely Pulled Back

The bun shown here isn’t at the crown of the head, but it also isn’t at the base of the neck. Instead it is about mid-way up the back of the head and pulled back loosely to give the sides and top a little more volume.

10. Slicked Back

Slicked Back

The slicked back look shown here would easily make your man bun red carpet or date night ready.

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11. Voluminous Top

Voluminous Top

Pulling the bun back loosely and pushing it forward just a bit will give the top a styled, voluminous look.

12. Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides

Shaved sides give the man bun an almost mo-hawk look. To keep the style looking neat and clean, the sides would have to be regularly maintained.

13. Braided Top

Braided Top

French braids are a great way to keep the top layer tight and styled, while still achieving a man bun ‘do. As shown in the pictures, the braids can go back to front or vice versa and the bun can be placed at a desired position.

14. Braided Sides

Braided Sides

If you want to keep the sides longer so the style can be worn in a few different ways, braids can help keep it tight and pulled back when the hair is up.

15. French Braids with Longer Sides

French Braids with Longer Sides

Not long and not shaved, these sides are just long enough so the hair could lay down in a normal style, as well. The braided top is done loosely to add volume and style while still keeping the look clean and groomed.

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