The Ultimate Manscaping Kit for Every Man

Let’s be real – grooming never comes easy for us guys. Having the ultimate manscaping kit for your facial hair seems like an impossible journey, especially as you first get into shaving. However, what if your life could be easier with a simple guide?

Well, that’s what we’ve created here at Unkempt.

Navigating through your selection choices for your manscaping kit as a beginner doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking our own ratings and recommendations and cross-referencing them with other consumer reviews, we’ve created a solid list of references. Using this list, take yourself on a successful journey with your beard grooming kit.

Find the Best Safety Razor

Beard Kit Safety RazorThe choice between straight or safety razor tends to be a debate for most men. Unless you’re a traditionalist, you’ll want to avoid straight razors as a beginner. Why is this, though?

Straight razors took off over a century ago, helping men get the closest shave possible. It was almost a mandatory asset to having in your beard care kit unless you went to the barber. However, the complications with getting the right angle and pressure made it difficult for men to get a nick-free shave.

Safety razors add a layer of protection, giving you a double-edged razor that has an added guard. This guard prevents the blade from getting too close to your skin. So, as you learn to shave your beard and mustache, you’ll need a shaving tool like this to help reduce the number of cuts and razor burns.

Ultimate Guide to Safety Razors

Check out this guide to get all the tips and tricks with finding the perfect safety razor for your manscaping kit. Plus, it has five awesome beginner safety razor recommendations to make your journey even easier.

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Pick the Perfect Electric Razor

Grooming Kit Electric RazorElectric razors are often criticized in the grooming industry as being an ineffective tool for shaving. While it remains true that an electric razor doesn’t provide the closest shave, it doesn’t completely devalue it, though. Truly, this could be a great addition to the manscaping kit you own.

Why use an electric razor when you have a safety razor?

Sometimes, it’s all about convenience. As you begin your shaving regimen, you’ll realize you won’t always have the time to wet shave. Uniquely, this is where the beauty of the electric razor comes in as part of your grooming regimen. It’s guaranteed to quicken a beard grooming session in the morning.

Not only will you have the convenience to shave quicker, but also while traveling. Safety razors cannot be brought on plans with the blade, which poses an inconveniencing issue. However, with the right electric razor, you have a travel accessory for your grooming kit that can fly internationally with you.

Ultimate Electric Razor Guide

Learn all about how to pick the perfect electric razor for your beard grooming kit.

5 Best Electric Razors

Follow up the guide with a review of the 5 best electric razors in 2018.

Choose a Comfortable Shaving Cream

Manscaping Kit Shaving CreamAfter you’ve selected your shaving tools for your manscaping kit, it’s time to improve the quality of your shave with a shaving cream. Sure, you could go out to the store and find a shaving gel or foam that works. But, how well do they perform during your shave?

Most of the shave gels and foams out there contain more harmful toxins than beneficial ingredients. These toxic ingredients seep into your pores and damage your skin over time. In light of this, as awareness for these shaving products raises, guys today want to experience a better, closer shave with fewer toxins.

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Pairing your shaving kit with a shaving cream that works for you is imperative. It’s going to deliver you quality ingredients to help promote a healthier, more radiant skin complexion. Even as a guy, this is important because ladies love a man with a nicely groomed beard and glowing skin.

Ultimate Shaving Cream Guide

Check it out to help you learn more about shaving creams and how they work for your manscaping kit.

Best Shaving Creams in 2018

Our top five recommendations for the best shaving creams in 2018.

Best Natural Shave Creams in 2018

Men who suffer from sensitive skin shouldn’t be plagued with a horrible shaving experience. Our top five recommendations for the best natural shave creams for sensitive skin.

Pair It with a Shave Brush

Manscaping Kit Shave BrushPairing your shave cream with a shaving brush is crucial for your manscaping kit. Equally important, it’s going to make a significant impact on your shaving experience.

Most men make the mistake of trying to lather in a shave cream with their hands. So, while this does prove to be mildly effective, you could still potentially risk getting cuts, nicks and burns from your razor. However, getting an even deeper, richer lather can completely eliminate all of these risks.

Offered with a badger, boar, horse or synthetic fiber, your brush has multiple advantages to help aid you in your manscaping dilemma.

Shaving Brush Guide

Learn how to buy the best brush for your shave kit.

Best Shave Brushes in 2018

Reviews of the five (5) must-have shaving brushes in 2018 to complete your grooming kit.

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Add in Some Aftershave

Grooming Kit AftershaveAftershaves tend to be the most confusing for men who begin shaving. So, not only do you have an abundance of scents to select from, but also select between a spritzer or lotion. It makes it tough to find the perfect fit for your beard care kit.

An aftershave helps maintain a well-groomed appearance, giving you a classic scent that also helps restore skin. As a beginner, owning an aftershave is going to be a necessity. Most importantly, it’s a disinfectant post-shave and helps with soothing and healing any burns, nicks or cuts.

After a while, you may find it unnecessary to have an aftershave lotion. So, it’s not mandatory and, with the perfect technique and grooming products, you’ll find it effective for a short time. However, men with sensitive issues may need it for their kit indefinitely.

Ultimate Guide to Aftershaves

Learn how to pick the best aftershave for your beard grooming kit.

Best Aftershaves for Sensitive Skin

If you’re looking for an aftershave that works, check out our top five recommendations. These are the must-have after shave lotions for your manscaping kit.

The Ultimate Manscaping Kit to Keep from Being Unkempt

Shaving isn’t always easy. It’s a process that every man has an individualized experienced. So, keep in mind, while one product may work for someone else, it could render itself completely useless to you based on your individual needs.

Picking the best products for the ultimate manscaping kit takes time. However, once you assemble it, it’s going to grow with you for the rest of your life. So, take your grooming seriously and check out our how-to guides and reviews.

It’s taking you one step closer from being unkempt.

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