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Nothing’s worse than having nicks and cuts all over your face after a fresh shave. I’ve been in that position countless times before I discovered the power of the best safety razors out there. When you’re first shaving, you tend to make a lot of amateur mistakes that eventually turn you into a pro.

Disappointingly, skills aren’t enough to keep from getting those nicks and cuts without the right tools. I’ve found that double-edge safety razors work best for all men, but notably if, like myself, you have a very defined jaw structure that’s hard to get a clean shave.

This guide defines what every man should look for in the best safety razor for a successful, knick-free shave. It also features some of the best double-edge safety razors on the market in 2018 that have guys raving.

So let’s jump into things.

The Best Double-Edge Safety Razors for Beginners in 2018

Merkur 180 Long HandleEdwin Jagger DE89LblWEISHI Long Handle Version Butterfly OpenShaveology Phantom Series Closed CombVIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain
 Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Edwin Jagger DE 98LBL Weishi butterfly safety Razor Vikings blade the chieftain safety razor

What Are Safety Razors?

A safety razor is a beautiful tool used to help with a man’s grooming. Getting itself from the guard on it, safety razors were proven to be more efficient upon release than previous razor models.

This introduced replaceable blades — for cheap might I add — that took the need for sharpening a razor away from men. This gives men more control over their time spent on shaving, giving them only the need to focus on getting a quality shave.

Gillette was the first company to introduce the world to safety razors in 1904. Crafted by King C. Gillette, the safety blade innovated the way men would shave. Putting a safety blade on a handle gave men the freedom to shave when they wanted and prevented a trip to the barber to sharpen their shaving razor.

The handle offered flexibility for men, lessening the number of cuts and nicks a man would have on his face and optimizing time spent on shaving. It was truly a genius invention that has lasted over a century.

Most often, you’ll notice that there are only double-edge (DE) razors on the market. Essentially, this means that when you look at your razor, you’ll notice two sides of the razor exposed. When safety razors were first manufactured, some single-edge (SE) varieties were available, but men weren’t able to get the consistent, smooth shave they could get from the DE.

Because of this, most of the companies who manufactured SE safety razors either switched to cartridge razors or completely disregarded the design altogether, leaving us with some impressive quality craftsmanship in our razors. It’s been the success of Gillette that has inspired new startups and brands such as Harry’s Razors and Vikings’ Blades to emerge to offer even more variety to the unkempt man.

What Are the Benefits of Shaving with a DE Safety Razor?

Shaving with a DE safety razor is an essential for any guy. I’ve found that there are several benefits associated with safety razors that could make any man rethink his shaving regimen. Here are some really legitimate ways you could benefit from shaving with these razors.

It Provides You with a Deeper Shave

Cartridge razors were built completely different than safety razors since most of them have between three to five blades on them. Built with multiple blades, cartridge razors are made for men to make multiple passes over their face and encourage additional pressure to be applied to get even closer down to the hair follicles, still proving futile to riding your face of those difficult stubbles.

Double-edged safety razors change the way you shave your face by only having one sharp blade that is meant to get rid of hair in one pass. When you shave, you are supposed to apply little-to-no pressure with each swipe and it still removes hair more effectively than a cartridge razor.

Works Great with Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin plagues the face of so many men and finding a razor that complements your skin is vital. Safety razors are a go-to option for guys battling with sensitive skin.

With sharper blades on a DE razor than with your traditional cartridge razor, you are able to go through one or two swipes and remove all the stubbles from your face. Since you’ll be spending less time running your blade over your skin, you decrease the chances of irritating your face during the shave.

Less irritation to your skin also helps with reducing the amount of hair bumps that appear on your face. When you’re a man looking to impress, having unsightly hair bumps can bring down your attitude and really decrease your confidence.

I’ve been there with other razors and a safety razor has been my best bet for decreasing these hair bumps from occurring. Plus, with a great shave brush and cream, it’s only going to further enhance your shave with the best safety razor.

Saves You Time When Shaving

With cartridge blades, you spend too much time swiping back and forth on your face, trying to remove as much stubble as possible. On the other hand, you have your straight razor which, while it gets the stubble, it also can cause cuts and nicks if you aren’t careful and take your time with each swipe.

Safety razors remove both problems by providing a sharp, outward blade that can get the hair on the first swipe, but with a guard to protect you from getting cut. With the right practice, every guy can reduce time with his shaving and spend more time grooming himself elsewhere.

Save Yourself Some Money Long-Term

Safety razors are money savers for all guys. While the initial cost, compared to a cartridge razor, can be slightly more, the overall cost and quality of the product can help you to save money long-term. Blade replacements for a safety razor cost approximately $0.10 per blade.

Meanwhile, take the Gillette Fusion cartridge razor, which can cost up to $40.00 per replacement pack of 12. This means every blade costs, on average, about $3.33 for cartridges!

Coupled with the fact that safety razors can last over 50 years versus a cartridges lifespan of about a two or so years, safety razors are a huge money saver. With the investment of one quality safety razor, you could save yourself upward of $1,000 over a few years.

Help Save the Environment

Just by switching to razor blades, you can start making a huge impact on the world. Safety blades are created from metal, which removes all the toxicity that is created from plastic razors. This means fewer greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere with the production of safety blades.

Even better, you dispose of these a lot less often than that of other razors. It’s estimated that 2 billion razors are thrown out yearly, so really think about how cluttered landmines are and polluted the environment is after so many razors have been produced and discarded each year.

Qualities to Look Out for in A Good Safety Razor

When looking for a quality safety razor, there are going to be a few things you’ll have to look into, including head size, the number of pieces, handle, price and material. In order to best set you up for success, I want to go through each of these categories to give you a better understanding of what each design does and how it can best apply to your grooming needs.

Types of Razor Designs Available for Your DE

The first thing I want to go over are the three different razor constructions available. You’ll notice that many different popular brands have a different style and some men have a preference over which design they prefer. You will see them in either one-piece, two-piece or three-piece construction.

One-Piece Design Safety Razors

One Piece design DE Safety razor

Referred to as either the “butterfly” or “silo” razor, I have found that this is a great razor for beginners. It requires no assembly and nothing needs to be removed for blade replacement. So if you want to try your luck out with a safety razor first and focus more on the technique, the one-piece design will be an ideal fit for you.

The one-piece gets the nickname as a butterfly razor because of the overall aesthetics. The top has two hinges, that when a knob is twisted, it releases two hinge panels upward, giving it the “butterfly effect” on the razor. This makes it easy for switching out the blade and secures it down when in use.

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This design became heavily popular in the 1950s with the Gillette Super Speed line. Ever since it has been a staple for the beginners looking to hone their shaving techniques.

The only downside to these razor constructions is the fact that they are less convenient to clean because you can’t take the pieces apart. So you might find yourself struggling a little bit to get all the hair out of it.

Don’t let this stop you from cleaning it because a good cleaning is necessary to keep a smooth shave going with it. Dip it in some alcohol and let it sit for a few minutes if you need.

Two-Piece Design Safety Razors

two piece design razor head

The two-piece design consists of two separate pieces that you put together and take apart for blade replacement and easy cleaning.

Traditionally, the top portion that holds the blade down can be unscrewed and completely detached from the bottom portion of the handle. Drop the old blade out and screw on the new one. It’s just that simple.

Most men prefer this design if they’ve had experience shaving because it becomes so much easier to maintain and clean than a one-piece. You’ll have to be mindful though because you’ll have to make sure you keep track of both pieces. Losing one piece renders the entire razor useless.

Three-Piece Design Safety Razors

Three piece design safety razor

The last design of the DE safety razors would be the three-piece design. A little more complex than the other two designs, the three-piece does have a similarity to the two-piece design — and my personal favorite.

When dealing with a three-piece design, you’ll notice that it unscrews from the actual handle and not with a knob, unlike a two-piece. After you twist off the handle, you’ll be left with three pieces: the handle, the bottom piece of the head and the top head piece.

To replace the blades on these designs, you’ll need to place the blade between the two heads and just screw the handle back on. It’s a pretty easy design to work with, but the small pieces are what worries most unkempt guys. It’s best to keep the entire design together unless you need to clean it and replace the blade on it.

Don’t take this apart over the bathroom sink though because you could wind up losing the bottom or top part of the razor head down the drain. They are small, so please take precaution when dealing with these.

Back before the start of WWI, when the razors were first released by Gillette, these were the most common razors available. The other designs were rarely seen or heard of until later on in history.

Due to the overwhelming amount of complications such as tightening the screw knob too tight and resulting in irreparable damage or misalignment that can do the same. Although not overly common, it does occur and it adds on unnecessary costs with replacements.

This construction design is used primarily by more advanced shavers who have control over their technique and overall skills with the razor.

Types of Razor Heads Available for Double-Edged Safety Razors

Outside of the design differing from construction, DE safety razors also have a variety of headpieces to select from that will fit your specific need.

Every head design is found with each design-type, so you’ll be able to have complete control over your choice of razor from construction to head design.

Here are the multiple different safety razor heads you’ll find on the market:

The Straight Bar Design

Straight bar safety razor head


When you’re browsing around, you’ll see that the straight bar design for a safety razor is both the most common and popular in the industry right now.

The head design gives you simplicity, providing you with one straight safety bar that has one function: protect your skin from unwanted cuts and nicks. It’s perfectly leveled and straight to help give you the cleanest shave possible.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable design, this is going to be your go-to choice.

The Open-Comb Design

Open comb design safety razor head

The design of an open-comb safety razor gets its name from having small little teeth at the bottom such as a comb.

If you suffer from extremely curly hair and find that razors tug on your skin as it shaves off the hair, this design was meant for you. As you shave, the teeth act as a comb and smoothing out the hair before the razor goes over it. It doesn’t give that curly facial hair that “tug” when you shave.

If my facial hair gets too long before I decide to shave it, this was the best option for me. Shaving is virtually painless with this design.

The only downside is that hair does get stuck between the teeth, so you’ll find yourself rinsing the razor off often in the middle of shaving.

The Slant Bar Design

Slant Bar head for safety razors

The slant bar looks similar to the straight-bar design, but the head is slightly twisted and tilted on a small angle.

The slant razor design has physics standing behind it since shaving on an angle has shown to cut more easily through hair and get a smooth shave with the least amount of irritation.

If you’re going to be buying your first-time safety razor, avoid getting this design. While it does help with getting the hair smoother, it requires finesse. Most first-time users won’t have that light-handedness needed to avoid cuts and nicks with this design.

If you do have experience though and have developed a good technique for shaving, this design will be an awesome accessory in your shaving collection.

The Adjustable Head Design


This is probably one of the most recent designs to hit the market and it’s vastly more complicated than the other head designs in comparison.

This is the most balanced shaving head because it allows you to set gaps between the safety bar and the blade. Men who are looking to get the closest shave possible and have tried their hand at one of the other designs first will find that this is one of the best tools you can have at your disposal.

There are two really huge downsides to this design, though. One, it requires you to have advanced skills with shaving because you can cause some serious damage to your skin if you don’t know how to make the proper adjustments to your razor.

Secondly, this design requires much more maintenance and care than any of the other safety razor designs as well. The adjustable head design cannot be overtightened or else you’ll ruin the entire mechanics of the tool.

Handle Design

Safety razors have great quality handles

The next component to look for in a safety razor is going to be its handle. It’s imperative to have a handle design that helps support you in your shaving technique.

Since every man is different, the handle-type that you’re going to want will vary. However, I’ve found that looking at the material, height and weight of a safety razors’ handle will help you make an informed decision about which is going to work best.

Handle Height and Weight

First, I always recommend looking at the entire length of the handle. Guys — if you have large hands or long fingers you need a longer handle. Trust me on this. I have very long fingers and I’ve made the unfortunate mistake of purchasing a handle that was much smaller than I should have gotten.

Let’s just say — I’ve never had a worse shave prior to or after that experience. So be sure to look into the handle size and find one that fits you.

This goes for guys with smaller hands and fingers as well. Avoid handles that are too long because you’ll have far less control over your safety razor — and with no control, you won’t have a good shave whatsoever.

As far as weight is concerned, it’s going to really determine a lot for you. Shaving with a safety razor is all about the weight of the shave that matters, so having a heavier handle will provide you with a better balance and control throughout your shave.

Don’t forget this. Shaving with a safety razor isn’t about constantly pressing and dragging the razor across your face. The sharpness of the blade will do all the work for you, so heavier means better.

Handle Material

The handle material will vary, but most times, it does go according to price brackets. You’ll notice that most of the razors ranging between $5 to $15 are made of aluminum material, while the ones above that price point are made of a, sturdier, stainless steel material that provides a quality feel.

Animal Handle safety razor

Price will dictate much of what you get with the material. More expensive brands even use animal products on their safety razor to give that “premium” feel to it — though, that’s honestly up to you if you want to spend that much. I wouldn’t, but that’s just me.

Aim for a stainless steel material because it’ll be heavier than an aluminum steel material, so you’ll get a more quality shave from it.

Price Equals Quality

If you’re looking to get a quality product, you’ll want to aim for products that are above $15. Anything less than that is just a waste of time to purchase and it’ll just wind up breaking or not working because it’s cheaper quality.

In certain products, price doesn’t always determine quality. However, it will when it comes to your safety razor. The only time I suggest buying a safety razor with a cheaper quality is for a first-time buyer who wants to take a look at certain models and plans on purchasing a newer, more reliable one when they figure out which design they want.

Every man is different, so it’s going to be according to your needs. Traditionally, for an unkempt man, a price bracket between $15 to $50 is advisable for a quality safety razor.

If you want to go more expensive, you will find more options out there, especially if you want to personalize your own razor head (yes, some companies have started doing that).

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5 Best Safety Razors In 2018 for Beginners



Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorMerkur, originating and still operating from Germany, has some of the best safety razors on the market. They make just about every type of razor available, including all of the construction designs and head designs discussed in this guide. So what makes the Merkur 180 Long Handle safety razor so efficient? Let’s check it out, guys.

How it Works

The Merkur 180 Long Handle comes as one of the most simplistic, yet effective safety razors on the market. This is a three-piece construction razor, so it has the handle, top piece and bottom piece to the head and comes with a double-edged blade on it.

It features a straight bar head, so it delivers a clean, smooth shave from start-to-finish.

The Pros

Offers an Extended Length Handle

Merkur Safety Razor Size in Palm

The handle is definitely the notable part about the Merkur 180 Long Handle. I have large hands, so when I tried this razor, it fit like a glove in my hand. Most safety razors offer a handle with 3-inches or less, so a 4-inch handle can make a huge different for most guys. I’d recommend this based off of the handle length alone.

Offers a Weight-Balanced Handle

The great thing about the handle size is that it helps with the weight issue most guys have with their safety razors. This DE safety razor gives you the flexibility you’re looking for because the handle is long enough to help maneuver around your face.

Meanwhile, the weight distribution gives you the most control. You don’t have to worry about putting any extra pressure on to the handle when shaving, so you won’t even have to worry about getting cuts and nicks on your face with this razor.

Sturdy Head Piece and Handle for Fewer Cuts

Merkur Safety Razors are Great for Shaving

So, as stated above, because the handle is well-balanced, you get a smoother shave. This also means that you won’t have to worry about getting those unfortunate nicks and cuts that are associated with shaving. In addition, since this razor also has a straight bar head, it offers more protection from cuts and promotes a smoother shaven face.

Chrome-Finished Handle

Not only is the handle long, but it also offers a chrome finish to it for a non-slip grip on it. This is going to be especially important when shaving because one small slip-up could cause a serious cut on your face. This helps to completely avoid that.

Great for Beginners and Experts

While not all three-piece construction designs are beginner-friendly, this is definitely one that adds an exclusion to this. This is a perfect piece whether this is your first time using a safety razor or you have so many advanced skills that you could shave with your eyes closed. Regardless, it’s a perfect fit and it can really get a good, smooth shave in no time.

Easy-to-Clean Design

Merkur razor head

Overall, the simplicity of the razor makes it pretty full-proof and cleaning is a breeze with this. You can either fully disassemble it or you can just soak it in alcohol overnight. This means less time spent on cleaning and more time on what’s really important — the shave.

The Cons

There really isn’t a downside to this safety razor outside of the handle being too long for some. The aggressiveness of this would be at around a 5/10, so it gives a great, overall feel for guys with a little more pull to their hair. However, if you have hair that’s pretty thick and course, you could find this to not be aggressive enough, so keep that in mind before making the purchase.

Final Verdict

Personally, I found this to be a very good safety razor that works great for men with long hands. It’s easy, flexible and designed perfectly to help with getting a great shave.

It saves me time, so I can focus on grabbing a pre-workout powder or protein powder shake before heading off in the morning.

I’d give this a solid 10/10 and is the best safety razor out there right now.


Edwin Jagger DE 98LBL

Establishing itself in 1988, Edwin Jagger is a premier brand for all shaving products, giving the classic Englishman a great stylish appeal. Since launching itself from England, this brand has revolutionized the shaving industry with the DE89LBL being one of its finest products.

How It Works

Let me just start by saying that when it comes to quality, this probably tops the list. Edwin Jagger is just a sophisticated brand and the chrome polish they use on their products are manufactured using the same method of chroming as Rolls-Royce uses on their chrome-accented cars. The overall look of the product and sleek shave really brings out the best in this razor.

The Pros

Quality Chrome-Finish

The first, standout appeal about the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL is the aesthetics. The chrome feels great on your skin and it really complements a sleek bathroom. If you’re all about the looks of a product, this one should definitely be a standout safety razor for you.

Decent Length Handle

Edwin Jagger Safety Razors Size in Palm

While it may not be as long as the Merkur Long Handle, the DE89LBL still deserves credit for being a decent-size. It’s 3.8 inches in length, so you’ll have a solid handle to work with while you’re shaving. Unless you have extremely large hands, this will be an ideal fit for your hand to maximize control.

Comb Bar Head for a Smooth Shave

This Edwin Jagger model really pulls together when it comes to the shave. Anytime I’ve used this razor, I’ve never had a single nick or cut from it.

Basically, it’s pretty solid when it comes to delivering a clean shave without the worry of too many cuts because the comb bar helps with pulling and smoothening out the hair a little before shaving over it.

Three-Piece Construction That Can Last a Lifetime

So, there are two things that can make this a life-long safety razor for your face. Both the quality of the material and the three-piece construction design make this an extremely durable razor that can probably even outlive you. Unless you take really poor care of it, you’ll never have to worry about rusting with this product.

Great for Beginners to Intermediate

Overall, this is a great piece of equipment to have in your bathroom. First-time wet shavers to those with intermediate skills will find the most use from this. Once you have it in your collection, you’ll probably use it on and off like I have done. It’s just good to have when you want to change up as an advanced shaver.

Easy Blade Replacement

Due to the simplicity of these safety razors, even replacing the blades is pretty easy and takes a few seconds for most people to figure out.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor Head

The Cons

The Weight Doesn’t Stand Up to Some Others

Although the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL safety razor isn’t light, it also isn’t the heaviest. So the overall aggressiveness is at around 4/10 for this product. This is what makes it great for beginners, but if you have difficult, course hair on your face, it’s not going to go as smooth as you want. While it’s not bad, a few men did wish it could be a bit more aggressive.

Grip is Subpar

So, while the overall chrome finish is great, the grip on the DE89LBL doesn’t stand up against certain other razors on the market. Because of the chrome-finish being so sleek, it can be a little slippery for certain guys — especially beginners. However, it’s not detrimental enough to affect the overall quality of the product.

Final Verdict

The Edwin Jagger DE89LBL probably has one of the sleekest looks I’ve seen in a safety razor and makes it a top contender for a beginner. You get a really close, clean shave with this model, which is what every guy wants with his safety razor. So it definitely is a product that delivers more than traditional safety razors do.

With the slight grip problem, though, I’m going to give this product a 9/10. It definitely competes for the best safety razor out there.



Manufactured in China, the Weishi Butterfly Open razor fits wonderfully in this list, being the cheapest razor on the list — usually around $10. Being a great stand up for beginners, the Weishi makes the list for one of the top razors out there right now.

How It Works


The Weishi Butterfly open comes available in two lengths: 3.5 inches and 4 inches. Offering flexibility and affordability, this sleek razor features a single-piece construction, butterfly open head great for shaving and easy cleaning. Being a cheaper razor hasn’t defined how well this product has done on the market.

The Pros

Versatility with Two Different Lengths

The advantage of any product offering a short-length and long-length handle is the convenience it gives consumers. Since I have larger hands, I tried out the long handled Weishi — however, for those who prefer smaller handles for a tighter grip will find comfort in the short handled safety razor. Overall, it’s great, study and offers a great versatility factor for unkempt guys.


Not many cheap brands would make the list of one of the best safety razors. However, I would say this is the only razor so far that really is the exception to the rule.

The razor really delivers a decent shave and the overall aesthetics aren’t bad either. So for the cost of the safety razor, it’s great. Plus, it’s great because it’ll last if a beginner wants to first try out wet-shaving before making a full-fledged financial investment.

In addition, the Weishi comes with a pack of extra blades with it too — so to get that when you don’t even get it with higher quality brands is really a huge deal with safety razors. Even though the blades are relatively cheap, it’s still only $10 for them plus the razor. So it’s the best bang for your buck.

Great Grip on Handle

WEISHI Safet Razor Handle

It’s difficult to find a good safety razor that has a solid grip on it. However, the Weishi offers a nice handle with ridges in it, so no matter where you hold it, it’s not going to slip out of your hands. Even if your hand is soaked, it’ll still be a firm grip until the end of the shave. This means no slipups, cuts or nicks.

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Beginner’s Top Choice

For any beginners to wet shaving reading this, you’ll definitely want to try this out first if you’re worried about finances right now. Unlike other cheaper models, this will definitely stand up against time for a while and continue to deliver a smooth shave. It’s great for trying out all the mechanics of a single construction designed safety razor, giving you the opportunity to explore a bit.

The Cons

Not an Aggressive Shave

Likely due to its cost, the blades on the Weishi don’t deliver the most aggressive shave. I’d rate the shave to be a 3/10 — which is very low. It’s great for beginners because it does give them the opportunity to practice with shaving.

But for more adept shavers, three passes to get smooth may be two too many (at least for me it is). It’s also not good for beginners who have thicker, wiry beards because it’ll tug on the hair as you’re shaving and cause the nicks and cuts no man ever wants.

Loose and Flimsy Hinges

Weishi Butterfly has loose hinges

The butterfly construction can sometimes be loose and flimsy for certain shavers. It doesn’t offer the sturdiest head to it, which can be problematic if you’re looking for a long-term razor that can last for years. You’ll probably get a year or two from this at most. But for the price, it still stands to be the best safety razor for a smaller budget.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Weishi Butterfly Safety Razor is great for beginners. It offers beginners a really good first-time experience with a razor, giving them a teaching device that won’t cause nicks and cuts. Given the price point and that it comes with free blades, the value of this product rises up a bit for me.

I’d give the Weishi DE Safety Razor an 8/10.



Alright, so I’m bringing it back to my home country, the United States, with the Shaveology Phantom Series Closed Comb safety razor. Offered as a complete set with other grooming products, Shaveology brings a new attitude to the razor industry. Caring about the “whole package” — most men will find this brand to be very impressive.

How It Works

This razor features so many different perks that it’s unbelievable. The closed comb shave head helps with smoothing out the hair, while the decent aggressiveness of the blade gets rid of hair without much issue.

What I thought really stood out about this product was the quality of the boxing and overall marketing scheme of the company. They offer you an entire box of products included with the razor that it’s just a great deal. Even better is there 90 money-back guaranteed with no questions asked policy, so it’s just a great product to try.

The Pros


Good Closed-Comb Design for a Good Aggressiveness

While the product may not be the most aggressive, it does have enough that most guys will be able to use it with no issue. Even guys with wiry beards enjoy the product, saying it causes little-to-no pulling with the comb design helping to smoothen out the hair. It’s solid with its performance.

Box Full of Items and More

Beyond getting the safety razor, the order automatically comes with an assortment of other things. The most basic package has a leather pouch to store the razor in, 5-included blades and a microfiber towel to clean the razor. They have an upgraded package that included a silver-lining face brush, which is just excellent for pairing with a razor.

Not too many companies offer an entire box full of things, so it’s definitely a great addition. Plus, when you register your product through the form inside, they get you an additional 60 days’ supply of blades for free from them. So, if it couldn’t get any better — it just got better.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The one thing I admire most about Shaveology is their 90-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Outside of this company, I have yet to see another company offer this. Of course, if you really hate something, you can take it back to the store — but since this is an online-only company, it comes as a great reassurance in case you don’t like it.

Length of Handle is Decent

The handle is 3.9 inches, which is a little above average in size for a safety razor. So if you have average to semi-large hands, this is going to fit your hand pretty well.

The Cons

Slippery Grip

I’d say that this is the most notable disadvantage to this razor. The handle doesn’t have any grip on it, so it can slip out of your hand fairly easy when you’re using it. But if you have a pretty good technique, you can make it work without too much of an issue.

Acrylic Finish Makes It Less Reliable for Long-Term Use

The overall design and finish of the Shaveology razor can be a little out there for a safety razor. It doesn’t follow the traditional safety razor as far as materials go. It contains an acrylic finish, which is one of the worse features of it. This kind of finish just doesn’t stand the test of time, so it’ll be worn after a few years of using it.

Minor Quality Control Issues

The razor does show to have some control issues. I’ve noticed that some of the threads on mine are too large, as have other owners of the razor. This makes it a bit problematic to deconstruct the three-piece mechanism.

Final Verdict

While the grip and overall product may not be 100% the best, it does offer beginners looking for a decent first-time safety razor a nice option. If you’re eventually looking to branch out and get a more luxury-brand safety razor, this would be a nice beginning start.

The shave is decent and the all-around product isn’t bad. This is rated an 8/10 and is the best safety razor for guys looking to try a decent, affordable price.



This Swedish brand has been taking the razor industry by storm. The release of The Chieftain innovated the way butterfly, single-construction design works and it offers a smooth shave that cannot be denied. This is one of the top contenders for the best safety razors because it delivers quality.

How It Works


The Chieftain is a single construction design with a unique butterfly open design that can easily replace any worn blades. The overall design and weight of the razor make it a great choice for a beginner. When I used this product, the noticeable durability and strength of the razor was enough to show it was a winner before even testing it out.

The Pros

Good for Aggressiveness

One great thing about the Vikings Blade The Chieftain is that it has a comb head, which helps with reducing the number of cuts received. For most guys with wiry hair, this is a worry because it usually affects the aggressiveness of the razor.

Vikings Blade Safety Razor

However, this razor doesn’t seem to have any problems when dealing with rough terrain on the face and can easily provide someone with a tougher hair texture to use it. I’d give this aggressiveness a 6/10, the highest out of the list.

Great for Beginner Groomers

Although I wouldn’t normally recommend a safety razor with an aggressiveness this high, the overall construction and ease of use makes it a great fit for even a beginner. The comb head prevents someone new from getting too close to the blade and causing a cut or nick, but it still provides a really nice, deep shave.

Quality, Sturdy Material

The Chieftain has a little more weight to it than a traditional safety razor with its length. More weight means the less pressure you have to apply when shaving.

So, this gives you the time to really focus on getting the perfect angles and not worried about having to apply any pressure. This is the best safety razor if you need a nicely weighted product.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

All Viking Products come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee with no questions asked. This is an added benefit that adds more value to this already valuable product. If you hate the product, you can just send it back. Talk about security.

Great Feel and Grip

Vikings Blade Handle Grip is Perfect for Beginner Shavers

The grip on the Vikings Blade The Chieftain is exceptional. No matter how wet your hands get, you won’t have to worry about this product slipping from your hand. The grip on the handle makes it nearly impossible for that to happen. So, this means that you get more time actually spending time on the quality of the shave you’re getting rather than the grip.

The Cons

Honestly, I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with this product. It’s one of the better safety razors and I would recommend this for beginners. It’s a timeless piece that will stay with you for years to come.

Final Verdict

This product is probably one of the best razors feature by Vikings Blades and as a general safety razor. If you’re looking for a wonderful investment as a beginner shaver, this is definitely going to be your go-to safety razor.

I give this product a 10/10.


Every guy is different, so the “best safety razor” should fit best for you and your needs. Each of these products has a variety of different features that will appeal to just about any guy.

If you’re new to the wet-shaving world, I welcome you with welcome arms. The experience is going to change the way you shave forever. Experiencing the first true-shave of your life is going to invigorate you the same way it did for me.

Take these tips as a way to guide you through your safety razor journey as a beginner. Coupled with the best shaving cream and brush, you’ll have no problem with finding the perfect shave every time.

Let me know what you think about these safety razors or if you have any other recommendations. I’m always looking for new products out there that are shaking up the market!

Also, check out our manscaping kit guide for more information on shaving essentials.

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