Signs She Might Be in Love Even if She Hasn’t said it Yet

There are a lot of reasons why someone might be holding off from telling you that they love when you do. Generally it has to do with fear of some sort, they’re either afraid that it’s too early and they’re going to scare you, or that you don’t love them back. Whether you do or do you don’t it can be good to start picking up on the signs from them so that you know which way to go. Here are some signs that she might be in love even if she hasn’t said it yet.

She’s Looking at You With those Gooey Eyes

Prolonged eye contact really means something. It’s quite unnatural to stare into someone’s eyes unless you’re taken by them or trying to intimidate them or something. The point is that it’s intense, and people do it when they’re in love whether they realize it or not.  The bonding hormone oxytocin gets released during prolonged eye contact, and it’s also very intimate since we express so much using the muscles right around our eyes. Studies have found that people who are in love make more eye contact while talking than people who aren’t, and they also take longer to pull away from eye contact when they are interrupted.

She Wants to Know What You See in Your Future

People don’t usually spend a lot of time talking about the future with people unless they actually see them in their future. She’s going to be interested in seeing what you see for your life because she wants to see if her values and yours match up in a serious way.  She might even be doing this subconsciously. It’s not likely that she has a checklist in her pocket and is going down the list on where your goals match up and don’t, she’s just naturally conversing in that direction because she sees you there as much as she sees you right in front of her.

She’s Suddenly a Little Shy

When people are first dating they might be totally comfortable being themselves because the stakes are normal, but the second she realizes that she might be in love with you it might throw her off her game a bit. She’s not intentionally acting weird, but her sudden awareness of her feelings might lead her to start acting slightly differently if she doesn’t want to give it away. She might start over compensating and actually appear to be pulling back a bit, but when it’s coming from a shy place that generally points to good feelings as opposed to bad ones.

Of course when this is read wrong it can start to cause chaos in a new relationship. If you mistake it for her actually pulling back then it might make you feel insecure and then react, etc, etc. If you notice it, check to see if anything else has changed. If she’s acting a little pulled back and is actually breaking plans with you that’s one thing. But if she’s still showing up and just stumbling over her words a bit, that’s something else entirely.

She Remembers the Little Things

When people are in love with you they are not only going to remember the smallest details about your life but they’re going to care about them too. There’s nothing too small to be interesting when someone feels seriously about you. This is a stark contrast to when someone doesn’t feel seriously about you when they won’t have any patience for the mundane story about getting your car serviced. When she newly loves you she’ll not only be interested in the story but she’ll remember that you had to go and follow up on it even if you don’t mention it first.

She is also going to remember the small details about the stories that you tell her about your childhood or your past, since those are the details that have come together to make you who you are today. She’s not just remembering because she wants to impress you with her great memory, she’s remembering because she fascinated by who you are.

She Does Small Favors for You

When people are feeling those loving feelings they will start to do little things that are actually really meaningful. The urge generally comes from the interest of taking care of someone, since we always want the people that we love to be happy, healthy, and safe. This might play out in picking something up for you at the store randomly, or checking in more than necessary when you have a little cold, or even making sure that you have water by your bed each night.

She’ll Be There for the Big things as Well

While she does the small things for you very comfortably and easily, she will also be around when the big things happen. This doesn’t always play out early on in relationships since it depends on your life circumstances whether there are big things going on, but it can also apply to stuff like meeting your friends and family. If she loves you she isn’t going to shy away from the concept of taking things to the next level. She might be scared in a certain sense to meet your people, but she won’t let it deter her from doing it.

She’s laughing at you

You might be funny plain and simple, but when women are really taken by you they will think that you’re extra funny, and not just because of what you’re saying. When people love you they think everything that you do is adorable in a funny way, which means that she will spend a lot of time smiling and laughing in your direction. Probably while she’s making extended eye contact with you.

She Has Time For You

When she’s in love with you she’s not just scheduling time for you, she just has time for you in general. No matter how busy she is she doesn’t make it seem like it’s hard to make time with her. You’re one of her main priorities which is why that’s the case. And you can be sure that women aren’t going to make a man their priority unless they’re really into him. Of course this doesn’t always mean that it’s love per se since different people are needy in different ways, but if she’s a well-grounded and structured person it certainly means something when she’s letting you into her schedule.

She Compliments the Way Your Mind Works

When someone is really in love with you they don’t just find you appealing they truly are interested in the things that make you tick…even when they’re weird. She might become annoyed by your borderline OCD cleaning habits at some point in time, but she’s also so interested that she’s more likely to appreciate it than in someone else. When she sees how your brain works and how you process things and actually wants to be a part of the challenges, you know that she’s in it. A woman who is in love with you will go beyond complimenting you on your looks and the way that you treat her, she will also make it known that she thinks the essence of you heart, soul, and mind are right up her alley as well.  

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