A slicked back look is pretty traditional and can be heavily or lightly styled depending on the desired effect. Some slicked back looks even look sharp with just some hand styling and little to no product, depending on the texture of your hair. Regardless of the way you decide to slick back your hair, the end result is a classic, simple look that can be worn for all occasions and with all lengths and types of hair.

1. Classic Look

Classic Look

This classic look is faded from short sides to a longer top layer and gently slicked back with a light product.

2. Hand Styled

Hand Styled

Cut a little bit closer on the sides, this look is hand styled with little to no product for a casual look.

3. Front Flip

Front Flip

The front of this heavily styled, wet look is flipped forward just a bit for a unique take on the slicked back style.

4. Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides

Here, the sides are shaved and the top is slicked back and slightly to the side for a voluminous, parted style.

5. Pompadour (and a sweet beard)

Pompadour (and a sweet beard)

The pompadour, a style we’ve written about quite a bit, is classy and sleek. With faded sides and a hard part, this look features a voluminous top layer and a medium-hold product.

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6. The Mafia

The Mafia

I called this one the mafia because…that’s what it reminds me of. This is a classic take on the slick back that reminds me of something Al Capone might have worn.

7. The Businessman

The Businessman

The slick back shown here is faded on the sides and long on top and hand styled with a light product. The length keeps this style looking professional even though it isn’t heavily gelled.

8. Hard Part with Heavy Styling

Hard Part with Heavy Styling

The hard part and small pompadour give this style a clean-cut look. Wet styling product is applied to give the hair shine.

9. The Slick Back for Short Hair

The Slick Back for Short Hair

If you have shorter hair, you can still achieve the slicked back look, as shown here. The top layer is kept just long enough to be styled back.

10. The Slick Back ala Leo

The Slick Back ala Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t be left out as he has one of the best slicked back looks out there. Wet styled, clean, and classic, Leo sports this look with ease.

11. Short and Sleek

Short and Sleek

Another take on the short slick back sports nearly shaved sides with a slightly longer top, kept just long enough to comb backwards.

12. Heavily Styled

Heavily Styled

For a look that won’t budge, use a heavy styling product to hold the longer top layer in place.

13. Longer Top Layer

Longer Top Layer

The top layer shown here is quite a bit longer than the sides, but still achieves a business-like look by being wet-styled into place.

14. Light Slick Back by David Beckham

Light Slick Back by David Beckham

David Beckham has a laid back take on the slicked back look. His hair has a very light product and is combed back and a bit to the sides. The sides are kept even and short.

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15. Pompadour with Wet Product

Pompadour with Wet Product

The sides of this look sport a close shave, while the top layer is long and styled with a wet finish product. The pompadour adds a unique quality to the look with volume and dimension.

16. Styled Pompadour with Shaved Sides

Styled Pompadour with Shaved Sides

This pompadour is a little less traditional, achieving some height and dimension through styling. The sides are faded just a bit going from barely-there to a tad bit longer before meeting the long, mohawk-style top.

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