What Stress Really Does to You

Whether it’s personal or business, stressful situations arise all the time. As men, we don’t always have the best coping mechanisms to deal with stress. But, stress is a real thing and it’s putting a damper on your life emotionally, mentally and physically.

I know, “I already know this dude. So, what can I do about it?”

Since motivation comes scarce in life, sometimes the only way to keep yourself on track is by knowing the side effects. We are going to skip over the mumbo jumbo scientific stuff and skip straight to the impacts it has on your body. That’s what you came here for anyway, right?

  1. It’s Making You Shorter Throughout the Day.

Guys, you may notice that sometimes you’re slightly taller or slightly shorter compared to someone else at times. Sure, shoes can play a part, but there may be another culprit… STRESS.

Naturally, as you stand upright, gravity pulls fluid from between your vertebrae. But, when you add in stress, it pulls, even more, fluid down, making you shorter throughout the day. Most average-sized guys could lose up to 3/4 of an inch by the time they go to bed.

Sure, the effects won’t remain permanent and it resets nightly as you lay down, but it shows that stress affects your body physically.

  1. Could Cause Difficulties in the Bedroom.

Beyond thinking about the ordeals going on in your life, stress may also be directly inhibiting you in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction is common with men who deal with high levels of stress since testosterone levels drop significantly. This also affects your sperm production and makes conceiving more difficult.

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Another common problem stress causes over time is premature ejaculation. For a man, this can seem embarrassing and reduce your stress may significantly increase your stamina in bed.

  1. More prone to picking up diseases and infections.

During fight or flight mode, stress creates a short-term benefit for the immune system by stimulating it. But, stress creates the same fight or flight mode that can overstimulate the immune system if you suffer from chronic stress.

Stress releases cortisol, which can overrun your body and inhibit your bodies’ ability to fight off infectious diseases and viruses. So, if you have the flu every year, along with several colds, stress could be the culprit.

  1. It gives you chronic stomach pains.

When you’re stressed, the constant release of hormones overstimulates the brain. The intestinal regulation part of your brain becomes the most overstimulated and leads to chronic nausea and irritation in the stomach.

Research shows that men who face high stress at work are more prone to feeling indigestion and heartburn because of it. So, instead of taking stomach acid relief tablets, think about ways to reduce your stress first.

  1. Causes chest pains and even heart attacks.

Ok, fellas, this is a huge one to consider. With the array of hormones dispersing through your body created from your stress, it begins to affect your vital organs. Most men experience heart palpitations, which is an inconsistent heartbeat. This is when all the problems begin to go downhill.

It’s important to remember that stress can kill. Since men are more susceptible to heart problems than women, this may be related back to stress itself. Remember that maintaining your stress could save your life as you get older.

  1. Causes severe control issues that can affect your personal life.

When life goes bad, stress has a way of making it worse. The feeling of being overwhelmed constantly is hard, especially as a man. Mixed with the cocktail of hormones running through your body from stress, you become agitated and frustrated easily. One minute you’re happy and the next minute you’re angry.

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As your frustration builds, you’ll feel the need to seize control of things. While it might stem from work, you’ll carry that same control and frustration into your relationship. It’s an easy way to implode on a good relationship unless you learn to manage your stress. Nothing’s worse than leaving your lover in despair from your stress.

  1. Temporary ear ringing or hearing loss possible.

Swedish scientists found that, in a study, 39 percent of men were more likely to experience hearing loss or ear ringing when dealing with the stress of switching jobs than women. Part of the dangerous hormone cocktail released from stress causes an overstimulation of your ear’s cochlear receptors.

  1. May cause you to lose your job.

Beyond the racing thoughts and constant worrying, you will be plagued with the power of poor decision-making skills. You’re distracted and it’s going to show in your work ethic over time, especially when the stress isn’t work-related. It’s important to focus on your job when you’re working and to focus on personal issues during personal time.

  1. You could suffer from a range of mental health problems.

Stress remains a part of life and is healthy in moderation. But, when you suffer from chronic stress over long periods of time, you could suffer from a range of mental health problems. These could include anxiety disorders, multiple personality disorder, bipolar disorder and depression.

These are the long-term consequences of stress if you don’t learn to properly manage it. The more you’re able to cope, the better chances you have of avoiding these mental health problems.

  1. Hair loss and skin conditions occur.

Most men experience early-set baldness due to high-stress work environments. If you’re able to reduce your stress levels and add in rejuvenating materials to your hair with a regimen, you could get your hair back before it’s too late.

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Skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and eczema begin to arise. While these are more prone in women, men still risk a chance of getting it.

  1. Makes you socially withdrawn from your friends and family.

Beyond depression, stress itself makes you withdraw from the world. With your confidence taking a hit, you just don’t want to talk until you’ve solved your problems. The constant drilling in your head keeps you focused on yourself that you forget about everyone around you.

This could lead to you being estranged from friends and family. Some of these ties could be completely severed, which only causes, even more, stress on you.

Man Up and Get Help

Managing your stress isn’t just your journey. It affects everyone around you, especially your immediate family. It doesn’t make you less of a man to admit that stress is overwhelming you and you need others to help you out so you can make effective changes in your life.

Stress kills, so take it seriously. Learn how to incorporate some of the best coping mechanisms for stress to help you become healthier and happier.

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