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4 Ideal Places to Pick Up a Girl…By a Girl

The Perfect Pickup

We get it, picking up on women in public places can be a little weird. Unlike say asking someone out on a dating site, you actually have to walk up to a girl in person totally unannounced and just sort of go for it. That being said, it can work out great since you actually get the opportunity to talk to her face and face and hopefully connect, which can make things feel a lot more fun. But not all situations are ideal moments to hit on someone…there are definitely certain times that women are going to be more likely to accept your advances than others. Here are some things to consider about some popular pick up spots.

At the Bar

Bars are generally a great place to pick up women…if they’re in the frame of mind to be picked up. You can generally get a sense for what’s happening if you spend a few minutes taking in surroundings. If she and her friends seem like they’re having a good time and have been talking to other people, then feel free to walk up and work your magic. Just be sure to make it clear which one of them you’re interested in pretty quickly otherwise you might pique the interest of the wrong one.

If on the other hand, a woman seems to be having a quiet or intense conversation with a friend you might want to proceed carefully. Instead of walking up and forcing them to engage in a conversation when they might be busy talking, try to slide up next to them at the bar and then casually ask to order them a drink. (While directing this question to the one you’re interested in.) You’ll be able to tell if she’s ready to pause her conversation to get her flirt on or if she’d rather not be bothered.

At the Gym

The gym is theoretically a great place to meet people with a common interest, but a lot of women don’t like to feel like they’re being ogled in their spandex. The good thing about the gym is that you tend to see a lot of the same people over and over again, which means that if you have your eye on another regular you can take your time getting friendly with her.

If a girl is pounding away on the treadmill with her earphones in it’s probably not the best time to try and drop her a line, unless she specifically looked right at you with a very welcoming smile on her face. Girl is focused on the calorie burn, leave her to it.

But if you happen to be in line behind her at the water fountain, that might be a good time to try and strike up a conversation. Don’t overthink your opening lines either, it shouldn’t be too planned otherwise it will sound like it is. Simple introductions work well if you think you can come up with a way to keep the conversation flowing, or comment on something that you both can relate to in the immediate vicinity to open things up.

At the Grocery Store

The grocery store should not be overlooked as a legit pick up spot. Generally women are alone there, or at least more likely to be than they would be at say a bar. This is a good thing, since it can offer less resistance. There won’t be any friends in the way to potentially make things more complicated. Although you might want to make sure that she isn’t actually shopping with her boyfriend who’s just over yonder in the produce section.

Going up to a girl in the light of day in the grocery store might sound a little intimidating, but if you’re seriously interested it might be your only shot since who knows who she is or if you’ll ever see her again. No pressure. If you’re feeling bold enough for it just go up to and ask for her number. No harm no foul, if she says no you can finish up your shopping and you’ll never have to see her again. If she says yes then you may have just got yourself a date in a pretty cute way. Either way you can be sure that she’ll leave and tell her best friend about the guy who just hit on her at the grocery store.

Via Social Media

These days meeting people on social media is technically possible as well, if you do it right. Do know that she probably already gets a lot of random guys messaging in her on Instagram, and most of them are solid no’s, so she might not be checking her unfiltered messages regularly. But if you’re already following each other she will see those messages right away, and it’s never bad to start a dialogue with someone cute if you have a reason to.

Since you’re reaching out to her be mindful to  lead the conversation without just asking her a list of questions. If she doesn’t know why you’re contacting her she isn’t likely to drop everything for a chat unless she’s already been waiting for this moment to go down. If you don’t know her well or at all in person, hold off on asking her out and just spend some time getting to know her and getting a feel for the situation.

If you feel like she’s being very receptive or she straight up offers you her phone number, take it and ask her out. If she’s being friendly but not overly flirty you might try inviting her to something a little more casual and seeing how she responds. If on the other hand she isn’t responsive at all or she stops responding after the first time, do not keep attempting to contact her.  She’ll respond if she’s interested.

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